Medellín, July 5th and 6th 2019

JConf Colombia 2019

The Java users and developers conference

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JConf Colombia 2019 is gathering local and international speakers to inspire our communities, our conference will be an inclusive event, with sessions comprising of different levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Meet some of our speakers:

Heather VanCura

Chair of the JCP - USA
Venkat Subramaniam
Agile Developer Inc. - USA

Josh Long

Spring Advocate @Pivotal - USA

Alexis López

Java Champion - Colombia

Mercedes Wyss

Produactivity - Guatemala

Sebastian Daschner

Java Advocate @IBM - Germany

Mark Heckler

Spring Advocate @Pivotal - USA

Carlos Obregón

Bogotá JVM - Colombia

Mary Grygleski


Alberto Salazar

Java Champion - Ecuador

Alejandro Duarte

Vaadin - Finland

Frank Munz

Amazon AWS - Germany

Mónica Godoy

Oracle ACE - Colombia

Fabio Turizo

Payara - Colombia

Rafael Benevides

RedHat - USA

Jorge Vargas

WEEX - México

Loiane Groner

Citibank - USA

Julian Castellanos

Globant - Colombia

Yuji Kiriki

S4N - Colombia

Eddú Meléndez

Software Engineer - Perú

José Díaz

Java Champion - Perú

Reza Rahman

Microsoft - USA

Hillmer Chona

Medellín JUG - Colombia

Geovanny Mendoza

Barranquilla JUG - Colombia

Alejandro Ruiz

Jalasoft - Bolivia

Daniel Bustamante

Sofka - Colombia

Carlos Camacho

Java Dominicano JUG

Hans Ospina

Software Engineer - Colombia

Eudris Cabrera

Soft. Developer - Rep. Dominicana

Isaías López

Codesa - Colombia

Ubaldo Villaseca

Jalasoft - Bolivia


We are selecting the sessions that will be part of JConf Colombia 2019. The agenda will be available in April. Meanwhile you can take a look of our agenda(*)

Technical Track: Saturday, July 6th Ruta N

07:00 - 08:00
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17:30 - 18:00

Community Track: Friday, July 5th UdeA

12:00 - 13:00
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12:00 - 16:00

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13:00 - 15:00

General sessions

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Next you can see 12 of our sessions

The Future of Java and You

Heather VanCura

Learn how to take part in the Java developer community and the upcoming changes to the Java platform. Get your questions answered - why and how to participate in the evolution of Java. You will also learn about the global Adoption programs and how you can contribute to the future of Java.

Tags: Java, JavaSE, JavaEE, JVM, OpenJDK, Web, Cloud, Developers, Community

Bebiendo del Stream: Como usar las plataformas de mensajería para escalamiento y rendimiento

Mark Heckler

Casi todos de los sistemas de misión crítica tienen elementos distribuidos o son totalmente distribuidos, resultando en numerosos retos: rendimiento, escalamiento, confiabilidad, elasticidad…​los ocho mitos del cómputo distribuido son vivos y bienes! Con frecuencia las plataformas de mensajería se usan para resolver estos problemas y aumentar las "+ilidades", pero no vienen sin complejidad por sí mismas. Ven a esta sesión para aprender cómo incorporar soluciones de código abierto como Spring Cloud Stream, RabbitMQ, y Apache Kafka para maximizar las capabilidades de tus sistemas distribuidos con complejidad mínima. Todos los ejemplos se escribirán en código en vivo y en tiempo real!

Tags: Spring, Cloud, Distributed systems

Diversión con Kubernetes y Payara Micro 5

Fabio Turizo

When developing a microservices architecture using containers, orchestration is key to provide an elastic scalable infrastructure. Kubernetes (w/ Docker) and Payara Micro 5 make this possible! This talk will showcase how to implement all of this for a real production scenario!

Tags: Java Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, Java EE, Payara Micro

The Reactive Revolution

Josh Long

The reactive revolution continues. For as much as we've been talking about reactive programming in Spring for the last few years the journey has only just begun. Join me, Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long (@starbuxman), and we'll take our reactive applications further, looking at how to build microservices for cloud platforms like Pivotal Application Service (Cloud Foundry) and PKS (Kubernetes).

Tags: Programación Reactiva, Spring, Cloud, Kubernetess

Quarkus: Fast, small, innovative, and native?!

Rafael Benevides

Java application booting and ready to serve requests in <10 milliseconds and occupying <40 MB on disk? With Hibernate ORM connected to PostgreSQL, Undertow web server, RESTEasy, CDI and Transaction Manager? Come and see how Quarkus makes all the above possible on top of Graal/SubstrateVM using new techniques such as Build Time Metadata Processing, Compile Time Boot; how runtime reflection can be eliminated at build time, etc. May sound geeky, but Quarkus still offers the first class developer experience: it shields you perfectly from the complexity of GraalVM, there is dev mode with instant reload, it is easy for the 80% most common use case and flexible for the remaining 20%. You do not need to learn a new technologies, because Quarkus supports existing best of breed libs and standards, such as Hibernate/JPA, JTA, CDI, JAX-RS, Eclipse MicroProfile and much more! A 5 ms demo will be included ;)

Tags: CDI, Microservices, JPA, Developer

Modern Identity Management (en la Era de Serverless y Microservices)

Mercedes Wyss

Identity Management is an umbrella term for all of the core logic around identity. The main purpose of this talk is gain an in-depth knowledge of terms like manage provisioning, account management, identity governance, authentication, authorization, identity federation and how improve this with PaaS.

Tags: Cloud, Software, Architecture, Solution, Future, Mobile, Frontend, Server-side Java

FullStack reactive with Spring and Angular

Loaine Groner

With RxJS and NgRx, Angular allows developers to fully use the power of reactivity in the front-end. But our back-end is still processing the good and old HTTP Ajax request. The newest version of Spring also introduced the reactive architecture, and along with Angular, we can leverage reactive architectures in the front-end and now also on the back-end with developer friendly code. In this session we overview these technologies and will dive into the code of real-world examples, using the most modern technologies we have available in the industry for enterprise applications.

Tags: Programación Reactiva, Spring, Cloud, Angular

Reactive for the Impatient

Mary Grygleski

One way to deal with the complexity of asynchronicity in programming is to introduce reactivity onto the coding level (reactive programming), and/or to handle it on the design and architecture level (reactive systems design).

Tags: Java, Jvm, Spring, Reactive, Software, Architecture, Design, RxJava, Vert.x, Akka, Microservices, Frameworks

Serverless Java Beyond Lambda: What every Developer Must Know

Frank Munz

In this presentation I will talk about what you must know beyond AWS Lambda to successfully implement serverless Java projects. I will cover new features of Lambda, cold start times, the role of Apache 2.0 Firecracker, serverless relational DB and on demand NoSQL DB for scaling and more.

Tags: Serverless, Java, Lambda, Firecracker, Open-source

Java & AWS: They are a beautiful couple

Julian Castellanos

Is not a secret for anyone the tremendous success that Java & AWS have had in their respective niches, but are we taking advantage of both of them running together? In this talk, I want to make an overview to the different possibilities we have of using these 2 platforms acting as a dream team.

Tags: Java, AWS, Cloud Computing

Nowadays Architecture Trends, from Monolith to Microservices and Serverless

Alberto Salazar

Attendees will learn about a real-world evolution to a Distributed Architecture without being involved of a complete Microservices Madness; we will be covering tips and tricks of an experience of a evolution of a big EAR Core Banking Application and how we evolve to a modern distributed Architecture

Tags: Security, Java, Distributed applications, Microservices

Pruebas de integración para servicios REST usando Rest Assured

Eudris Cabrera

El objetivo de ésta sección es mostrar como realizar pruebas integrales sobre los puntos finales (endpoints) de los servicios REST utilizando Assured, una librería Java para la validación de servicios REST.

Tags: Java, Webservice, Rest, Testing

* Agenda is subjet to changes.


Technical Track: Saturday 6th

Ruta N
Cl. Barranquilla #52-20
Medellín, Colombia

Community Track: Friday 5th

Cl. 67 #53 - 108
Medellín, Colombia


University Station
Line A


A plenty number of hotels are located in the neighborhoods: Poblado and Boulevard "La 70"

The best way to travel in Medellín is through our Metro. The hotels located on Boulevard "La 70" are close to the Stadium station.

About JConf Colombia

JConf Colombia is a non-profit Java technologies conference, organized by the communities of users and developers of Colombia. Our goal is to help developers, entrepreneurs and companies to learn new technologies related with Java, Cloud, Containers.

The first conference organized by the Java Communities of Colombia was held in Cali, on Saturday May 19th, 2018 and included the participation of local and international speakers, JUG Leaders, Java Champions and Oracle ACEs, who offered us technical sessions throughout the day.

Medellín, World Innovation HUB

Medellín the city of eternal spring - full of biodiversity, culture and technology, is ready for speakers, enthusiasts, developers, companies and Java technology lovers to come together to share knowledge and buildcommunities.

To learn more about Medellín visit:


JConf Colombia 2019 is organized by following Java users and developers communities:

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Fundación Avanet


Ruta N

Ruta N - Medellín

Catholic University Luis Amigo

Catholic University Luis Amigo

Faculty of Engineering - Universidad de Antioquía

Faculty of Engineering - Universidad de Antioquía


Tickets for both tracks will be available independently

Friday, July 5th. Sessions of levels beginner and intermediate, this track is for students and professionals interested in learning about software development; it will take place at Universidad de Antioquia. Registration for the Community Track will be available in May 2019.

Saturday, July 6th. One day full of sessions of levels intermediate and advanced, this track is for developers who want to expand their knowledge; it will take place at Ruta N. Registration for the Technical Track is available right now, there are a limited number of tickets for this track and they have the following cost.


Valid until 30 April 2019

$59** USD approx.

  • - Conference material
  • - Access to the sessions of the Technical Track
  • - Light lunch
  • - Snacks

Regular Price

Valid until 31 May 2019

$67** USD approx.

  • - Conference material
  • - Access to the sessions of the Technical Track
  • - Light lunch
  • - Snacks
* This rate only applies to those who work in one of the sponsoring companies of JConf Colombia 2019. If you work in one of them, please consult within it how to access this rate.
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